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29 Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia [Updated 2023]

Can we acknowledge the fact that being strong doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be strong in physical aspects? When you do not let any emotion get in the way of your dream, you are strong. When you do not let your weakness be, and instead use everything to make yourself strong, you are strong. When you sacrifice yourself for the greater good, you are strong. Even an opponent or an enemy is strong. The concept of strong is by far unknown. But being strong or getting stronger through time is an important aspect in My Hero Academia. Due to the fact that there is an abundance of male Heroes in the series, one often ends up getting into discussions to rank them, so instead, here we have brought you the top 20 Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia fans are all aware of All Might, Endeavor, Eraser Head, Gran Torino, Best Jeanist. Fans are also aware of Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, Lida, Kirishima, Aoyama, Kaminari, etc. These are the characters that usually take up all the spotlight during the story. Being a Shōnen manga or anime, the male characters are mostly detailed and focused. Not that females are left ignored or unnoticed, but that is the main reason why we have presented an article with some of the strongest female heroes in MHA.

In My Hero Academia, there are lots and lots of characters, but not many to be remembered forever. There are many strong male heroes out there in BNHA, but let’s keep count of the female heroes as well. So, who do you think about some of the strongest female heroes in MHA are? Kohei Horikoshi, the writer of Boku no Hero Academia, has put some great effort into all his character designs. Let’s get into detail more about his female heroes, and rank them as we go.

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Honourable Mentions

Before we begin, let’s look into some honourable mentions. These are the female characters that have been deemed strong but are not heroes. They are strong, though, and going about strong female characters and not mentioning them seems altogether incorrect.

Inko Midoriya

Strong doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be very well-built, powerful, and insanely inhuman. Supporting someone sideways when needed, being there for someone who is going through severe distress, being able to show concern, and not letting others be concerned about you also makes that person strong.

And with that emotional introduction, let’s present you with Inko Midoriya, who is, obviously, Midoriya’s mother. Her quirk is not officially known, so let’s be it ‘Attraction of Small Objects.’ Like mother like son. Inko Midoriya is kind-natured and is always there to support Midoriya. She apologizes to Midoriya, saying she had given up hope when he came out quirkless. But seeing how Izuku has a quirk now and is ready to become like All Might, she supports him with all her love.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Inko Midoriya


Next, we have the youngest known female character in the anime, Eri-Chan. Her abilities are no joke, and she happens to be the granddaughter of Shie Hassaika’s boss. After her rescue from Overhaul by Deku, she has been living in the U.A academy.

Before her rescue, Eri was a frail girl who couldn’t ask for help. Even at that age, Eri thought more about other people getting harmed than her own. Her quirk, Rewind, allows her to reverse a living being’s body back to its original state. Her quirk, if not controlled properly, can get out of hand and become dangerous as well.

Top 15 strongest female heroes in MHA

Himiko Toga

Though she is a villain, do not underestimate her ideology of wanting to be a ‘normal’ girl. Her love for Izuku and Ochaco is what makes her strong. Befitting of a villain, Toga is right about the ‘what is a normal’ part. She was once a ‘normal’ high school student who was loved and known by many. Her fetish of drinking blood got her disconnected from mainstream society. People, even her parents, refused to accept her ‘abnormal’ behaviour.

Her quirk is Transform. This quirk of her grants her the ability to transform into a physical look-alike of another individual, as well as copy their voice. This can only be done if she has ingested that person’s blood. During her fight with Curious, Toga underwent an awakening, after which she was able to use the quirk of the people who she transformed into. She may not be part of the heroes, but she is definitely one of the strongest female characters in My Hero Academia.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Himiko Toga

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Now, let’s head over to look at the Top 20 Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia.

20. Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki is a student in class-1B at UA High School. Her hero name is Vine, and so is her Quirk, Vines. Vine, previously known as Maria, is a modest and courteous person who is not afraid to show her pure intentions.

She is no ordinary modest girl. Her fight during the UA entrance exam made her quite popular. Vine can make her hair grow at will. She can also lengthen and manipulate the Vines, allowing her to attack, defend, detect and grapple her target.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Ibara Shiozaki (Vine)

19. Kinoko Komori

Kinoko Komori is also known as Shemage. Her quirk is one of the oddest and strangest, which ultimately makes her strong as well. Her Quirk: Mushroom, allows her to spread various types of fungus spores from her body. The fungus spores spread better in humid environments, where they grow into full-grown mushrooms once they make contact with a solid surface. Once the mushrooms grow, from various surfaces including Kinoko’s surroundings, her own body, and even her opponent’s body, they only last for 2 to 3 hours.

Kinoko Komori

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18. Chiyo Shuzenji

She may look old and weak but never underestimate a weak and old person. Without her recovery quirk, Midoriya wouldn’t have been able to jump around as he is now.

Presenting to you the Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl, who is a nurse at U.A. High School. Her Quirk is Heal. Chiyo’s quirk allows her to amplify and speed up the human body’s natural healing by planting a kiss on the injured person. Her way of healing people is a bit odd. But who cares. Her methods are powerful, effective, and reliable; that’s all we care about.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Chiyo Shuzenji (Recovery girl)

17. Setsuna Tokage

The Lizardy student from Class 1-B, Setsuna Tokage, is training to become a pro-hero just like her peers. She is one of those students who got in through recommendations.

Her quirk Lizard Tail Splitter allows her to split her body into pieces, at least 50 pieces. These pieces can be allowed to move freely and levitate through the air at high speeds. This quirk seems amusing, as Setsuna can regenerate her pieces when destroyed. But there’s a high risk that her destroyed pieces may become unusable as well.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Setsuna Tokage (Lizardy)

16. Itsuka Kendo

The class representative of Class 1-B, Itsuka Kendo, hero name, Battle Fist, is a spirited girl who is thoughtful of others. She is also the only one who can stop Neito Monoma by neck-chopping him, with karate chops, on the back to prevent him from antagonizing Class 1-A.

Her Quirk: Big Fist grants her the ability to enlarge both of her hands to a gigantic size. She, hence, has enhanced striking power and gripping abilities. Her performance during the U.A. Forest Training arc, Joint Training arc, and U.A Sports Festival arc were able to make her one of the fan-favourites.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Itsuka Kendo (Big Fist)

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15. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo’s hero name is Everything Hero: Creati, which allows her to make and/or create any objects from her exposed skin. For her to be able to create, she has to know the things, i.e., what that particular object is made of.

Her quirk requires her to eat more. The more she eats, the more calories will be burnt, resulting in a large number of creations. However, if she uses her quirk too much, there is a possibility that she might become too weak to continue and become anaemic.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)

14. Toru Hagakure

The invisible girl of Class 1-A at U.A academy, Toru Hagakure, is popularly known as Invisible Girl! Her face was a real mystery among BNHA fans. In the latest chapters, her face is revealed while preventing Aoyama from harming Midoriya or any others.

Her Quirk is Invisibility, which is why she is invisible! That quirk is powerful itself when used in the right way! She can, in addition, also refract light that passes through her, allowing her to intensify the light into a blinding flash.

top 15 strongest female heroes of BNHA
Toru Hagakure (Invisible Girl)

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13. Kyoka Jiro

Earphones are usually used to prevent any external sound while listening to music and stuff. But Jiro’s earphone is used to listen to any external sound of her surroundings. Isn’t that amazing?

Hero name Earphone Jack, Jiro is also good at playing the guitar and the bass. While performing in the U.A Sports Festival, she not only played instruments but sang as well (it is said her singing voice is husky but heavenly!)

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Kyoka Jiro (Earphone Jack)

12. Ochaco Uraraka

Her hero name, Uravity, suits her well. She may only be able to make things float with her Zero Gravity, but do not underestimate this cute-looking student of U.A. Academy. She has, after all, worked under Gunhead, which was unexpected.

Ochaco’s quirk lets her nullify the effects of gravity on solid targets, both living and non-living, by touching them with pads on her fingertips, causing them to become weightless and float. After interning under Gunhead, her Gunhead Martial Arts was too amazing to be used in an actual battle.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA
Ochaco Uraraka (Uravity)

11. Tsuyu Asui

Popularly known as Froppy, Asui is a student of U.A. academy, Class 1-A. Her frog-like appearance and behaviour are what make her unique and strong. She is one hell of a straightforward person. Round of applause for her straightforwardness because that’s something we all should apply in our lives!

Using her quirk, Frog, she has shown proficiency in both close ranges as well as long-range battles. Her Quirk allows her to do anything a frog can and also has a frog’s proficiency. She can wash her stomach, stick to walls, hop at long distances, camouflage herself, and she can do so much more. Isn’t she strong?

Tsuyu Asui (Froppy)

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10. Mina Ashido

She is a very optimistic and cheerful young lass out there in the U.A Academy. (Fun fact: Ashido is an awesome dancer)

Being a Class 1-A student, Ashido shares the same optimism and strong will as her peers. Known as Pinky, Ashido’s quirk is Acid. Her Quirk allows her to produce acid from her body. She can also control its solubility and viscosity.

Her Acid Shot, Acid Veil, Acid Layback, and Acidman are her powerful moves. Even though she has minimal combat abilities, she makes up for it with her quirk proficiency.

top 15 strongest female heroes of BNHA
Mina Ashido (Acidman)

9. Nejire Hado

She is one of the Big 3 and upperclassmen at the U.A academy. She goes with her alias, Nejire Chan, and her quirk is Wave Motion. Nejire is an outgoing and curious girl whose overall abilities are outstanding alongside Mirio and Tamako.

Her Wave Motion grants her the ability to convert her own vitality into energy and release it in the form of spiral shockwaves. All of this makes Nejire easily one of the Strongest Student Female Heroes in My Hero Academia.

Top 15 strongest female heroes in MHA
Nejire Hado (Nejire chan)

8. Thirteen

At first, it was really difficult for viewers to recognize the gender of Thirteen. Her quirk is as amazing as her age! Quirk: Blackhole, Age: 29 (current), Space Hero: Thirteen is a pro hero who specializes in search and rescue and is currently a faculty member at U.A academy. Thirteen’s quirk allows her to replicate a black hole suction effect from her fingertips which is very powerful, and not even light can escape it. We saw her doing that in the U.S.J Incident, Thirteen vs. Kurogiri.

Fans are yet to see her face. But soon, it will be revealed. How do I know? BNHA is a ‘manga-based anime’ after all!! Thirteen’s face will be revealed in the Tartarus Escapees Arc. So, all fans, let’s patiently wait.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA

7. Uwabami

Living as a pro-hero and also taking upon being a celebrity sure seems tough. But Uwabami can pull that off easily. She may prioritize her modelling job over hero work, but her participation in Sky Egg Arc, Vs. Hero Killer Arc, Hideout Raid Arc, Paranormal Liberation War Arc says otherwise, doesn’t it?

Her quirk ‘Serpentess’ gives her a trio of live snakes growing from her head which has acute senses that allows her to locate hidden criminals and disaster victims.

Top 15 strongest heroes of MHA

6. Nemuri Kayama

Beware of our incoming R-Rated Pro Hero: Midnight, who was a faculty member at U.A academy. As far as fans remember, Midnight sure knows how to flirt with people, no? During her school days at U.A academy, she was almost butt naked.

That aside, Midnight’s quirk is Somnambulist, which allows her to put nearby people to sleep by exuding a sleep-inducing aroma from her body. And this quirk worked better on males than females, just how flirting works!

top 15 strongest female heroes of BNHA
Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

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5. Yu Takeyama

BNHA fans are aware of Mt. Lady, are we not? Yes, Yu Takeyama, who goes by her alias name Mt. Lady is one of the fan favourites. She is the No. 23 Pro Hero who made her debut in the first episode of the first season itself. Her Quirk Gigantification allows her to increase her size, which is unlike her seductive appearance!! And her quick rise in the ranks could soon see her battle it to become one of the Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia.

top 15 strongest female heroes of BNHA
Yu Takeyama (Mt. lady)

4. Ryuko Tatsuma

Former No.9 and the current No.10 pro-Hero, Ryuko, is commonly known as Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. Her quirk Dragon gives her great strength and extreme resistance. Her quirk gives her the ability to transform into a large western dragon that grants her superhuman strength and durability, powerful jaws and claws, and wings to fly.

Top 15 strongest female heroes in MHA
Ryuko Tatsume (Ryukyu)

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3. Rumi Usagiyama

Rabbit Hero: Mirko, Rumi Usagiyama is the No.5 Pro Hero in MHA. With an athletic build, Rumi is more of an individualist who believes heroes who join a team are cowards. Rumi’s overall abilities are far above most heroes. Being able to defeat the Nomus in Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Mirko has immense capabilities to defeat stronger opponents. 

Her quirk: Rabbit, gives her the abilities and attributes of a rabbit. Thus, allowing her incredible leg strength, hearing abilities, and extreme force.

Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia
Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)

2. Nana Shimura

She needs no introduction, does she? Nana Shimura was the 7th holder of O.F.A. Being All Might’s predecessor and his master, Nana Shimura, was also Tomura’s great-grandma and was also a close friend of Gran Torino.

However, Nana sure was great, just like how all her relationships are! Fans do not know much about her quirk, but flashes of memories of All Might and Gran Torino make us realize that she was indeed strong.  Aside from her quirk Float, as Nana also had One For All, she was easily one of the Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia.

Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia
Nana Shimura

1. Cathleen Bate

For manga readers, Cathleen Bate is a real hero. All heroes are different, but Cathleen’s spirit hits differently! So, here’s a synopsis of who she is.

Cathleen Bate, famously known as Stars and Stripe, is the strongest female hero hailing from the West. America’s strongest woman pro-hero, Stars and Stripe’s quirk is New Order. She, being the strongest of the heroes from the West, automatically also makes her the Strongest Female Character in My Hero Academia.

Strongest Female Heroes in My Hero Academia
Cathleen Bate (Stars and Stripe)

She first appears in chapter 329 and is last seen in chapter 334. The way she fought with Shigaraki was really intense, and seeing her fight makes every BNHA fan remember All Might. When she was involved in a villain attack, All Might was the one who saved her family, which is why she considers All Might as her spiritual master.

No more spoilers for you guys, but I just wanted to say that Cathleen was a real hero.

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